The Iyer Group

PI: Dr. Suri S. Iyer

Dr. Suri S. Iyer

Dr. Iyer is a chemist by training with research interests in the broad area of glycoscience and applications in diagnostics and therapeutics. After receiving a Masters in Organic Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in 1993. Next, he worked under the guidance of Professor Malcolm Chisholm at Indiana University. His graduate research focused on the development of chiral single site metal alkoxides for the ring opening polymerization of lactides and lactones. After receiving his Ph.D in 2000, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work for a surgeon, Dr. Elliot Chaikof, Emory School of Medicine. He synthesized complex glycans such as heparin/hyaluronan derivatives as potential anticoagulant biomaterials. In 2002, he moved to the Biosensor group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, where he worked on the synthesis of glycans for biosensing applications. He started his first independent career in 2004 as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati and was promoted to associate professor with tenure in June 2010. He moved to GSU in 2011 and was promoted to full Professor in 2016. He is currently the Graduate Director of the Chemistry Department and the Associate director of the Molecular Basis of Disease program at GSU. His current research is to develop point of care diagnostics for use in low resource settings.


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